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Gluten Free, Not Gluten Freaky: Some Scary News... and What to Do About It

Here's a scary piece of news for those of us on a gluten free diet: A recent Study suggests that the gluten free diet not only reduces the amount of beneficial bacteria in our guts, and increases the yucky bacteria like E Coli - but it also lowers our immune function!


So what's the solution?

Well, for non-vegans without a dairy intolerance, there's plenty of commercially available gut-health oriented yogurts. Eating one or two servings of some of these new probiotic wunderfinds should help clear up at least half of the problem.  You have to be careful, though. A few, like Activia Yogurt, are not gluten free, which would kind of be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire for our gut health.

Vegans or those of us with a dairy intolerance don't have to run about in despair, however - there are a ton of commercially available, vegan probiotic cultures and powders out there (supplements) that we can take straight or use to make our own nifty, dairy-free yogurts and sour creams.

In addition, I'd probably recommend using a high-quality supplement to boost immune function, eat lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies (we're talking 10 servings a day, optimally!), making sure you get your full 8 hours of sleep, and reducing your refined sugar content. All of these courses of action should help your immune system function at its best.

So, what supplements would be helpful to boost immune function? There are a ton out there that claim to boost immune function. The ones I'd place my money on, though, are the ones that have shown some success in HIV/AIDS patients and people with cancer. I'm thinking of:

  • Viola yesdoensis

  • Mushroom derived immune enhancers

  • Vitamin A + a broad spectrum multivitamin containing B-complex vitamins, and vitamins C and E

  • Zinc

  • Selenium

  • DHEA

Hey - and before you run off and do any of this, remember that I'm not a medical professional and not giving official medical advice. Supplementation with any natural substance can be deadly if done wrong, especially in substaqnces like Vitamin A or selenium.  Be sure to check with your G.E. and nutritionist to ensure safe supplement dosing and to see if a nutritional protocol would be beneficial for you.

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