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Going Raw... Part II

It's amazing how fast 4 weeks can fly by, especially when the last one was spent exploring Costa Rica's natural beauty.

Four weeks ago I embarked on a bit of "body cleansing" via a diet of eating only raw foods.  It was quite a challenge and I have a whole new respect for 24/7 raw foodies.  Angela and I worked our way into the cleanse by first consuming, donating, composting and "permanently hiding" all of the non-raw foods in the house.  This was important to our success and not having any tempatations laying around.  We invested in a Breville Juice Fountain Plus to assist us in the cleanse.  We did a ton of research online and even bought a great recipe book, "RAW FOOD: Real World" by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis.  We had all the tools for a quick and easy 2 weeks as raw foodies!

OK... so on Day 2 we were ready for a big meal, complete with grill marks.  Yes, Day2.  This was not easy and it was at that time that I knew this was going to take a little more than will power.  Thanks to the "RAW FOOD: Real World" book, we were able to line-up a number of meals throughout the week.  We are also fortunate to have a Whole Foods a few blocks away as well as a great new market that specializes in RAW/VEGAN prepared foods. Glaser Family Organic Farms out of Miami is a renowned source for raw vegan foods that you can find in most Whole Foods as well.  We bought a bunch of their "breads" and sun burgers(which were my favorite).  Sun burgers were made from mushrooms, farm fresh herbs and sprouted sunflower seeds... YUMMY!  We were also eating a lot of raw almonds and walnuts for protein.  I admit that I flaked out a bit as it relates to keeping a diary of our 2 weeks on this cleanse.  I will post some of the recipes we used and genuinely enjoyed.  You have to remember, we were eating steak the night before we started this so it wouldn't just get thrown out of our refrigerator so our palettes were not "trained" to appreciate sprouted grain burgers in their place like a real raw foodie does.

After the third day, we noticed that our appetite had decreased considerably.  I noticed my tastes changing drastically and my hunger pangs were pretty much gone.  Most of my food was still going through me pretty fast but when combined with a few vegan supplements it was just one more step to assist in the cleanse.  We also started taking Garden of Life's raw nutrient formula which gave my body additional support.  Day 5(Friday) was a big challenge for us... it was our weekly Kickball game and it usually involves a bit of festive libations and caused us to eat some sushi and drink some beer, which is "brewed".  It was definitely a short fall of the wagon, but still a fall nonetheless.  (Who said we were perfect?)

We ran 13 miles on Saturday morning and decided we would feed our bodies whatever it needed that day to recover.  The biggest downfall that I've personally experienced in eating well, is to not listen to your body.  If you're craving something, don't be afraid to indulge, but use your head.  You wouldn't eat 5 bananas, why would eat 5 brownies? (I have and it's not fun) The long run on this morning was when I first noticed that my body was performing at a much higher level than before.  I had much more energy and my recovery time was greatly reduced.  This "raw thing" may just work out for the better.   Please don't forget that this wasn't an exercise in becoming a raw foodie, but to cleanse my body as we embark into the final stages of training for our marathon in June.  We knew that we would still eat meats and cooked foods after this, but this would launch us into a pattern of healthy choices.  (I started a pizza business... I LOVE FOOD!)

At the end of 2 weeks of a (mostly) raw food diet, I felt great.  Angela and I were ready for our trip to Costa Rica where we would be eating mostly fresh caught fish, organic fruits and veggies... and some delicious Tica cocktails.  We are looking forward to incorporating raw food into our regular diets a bit more.  I will post a few receipes shortly.

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    Pizza Fusion - Blog - Going Raw... Part II
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    Pizza Fusion - Blog - Going Raw... Part II
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    Pizza Fusion - Blog - Going Raw... Part II
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    Pizza Fusion - Blog - Going Raw... Part II
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    Pizza Fusion - Blog - Going Raw... Part II

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