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Don’t believe the hype about the recent study on organic food

Have you heard about the new study on organic food? If so, you might be a little confused about whether or not organic food is worth the fuss.

Let me set the record straight and help shed some light on this topic.

Organic food is healthier than non-organic food. (period)

Headlines that tout statements such as “organic foods are no healthier than non-organic foods” are completely and undeniably twisting the facts, so don’t be mislead by them. This study only tested the nutritional content of organic versus non-organic foods and showed that both had similar vitamin and mineral content.

But what the study DOES NOT test are two very important things. The first is the most important reason why I chose to eat organic foods which is that organic foods are grown without chemicals. This study does not test at all what harmful effects could result by eating chemical fertilizers or pesticides. And secondly, this study does not test the levels of anti-aging antioxidants or polyphenols which organic foods are reported to be at 25% higher.

Unfortunately, some people are twisting the results of the study and trying to get you to think that non-organically grown foods are as healthy as organic foods.

The bottom line is this: cancer, autism and other disease rates are skyrocketing higher than ever. Is there a link between eating chemicals and any of these illnesses? We still don’t know. When you have the choice of eating something natural and chemical-free, I personally think it is worth it.

The report, conducted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)  was to clear up the confusion once and for all, whether or not organic foods were better for you than conventional foods. It has the organic world up in arms, and rightfully so.  Organic farmers never claimed their apples, lettuce or milk have more vitamins, calcium or iron than apples, lettuce or milk grown using ordinary cultivation methods. What organic cultivators claimed, and still claim, is that their products are grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and have no traces of industrial chemicals. Therefore, they are healthier for both the consumer and the planet.  And as I mentioned earlier, most people choose organics for what's NOT in/on our foods -vs- what is.  If you do a little research and have a browser with google, you can quickly see some of the antics going on between both sides.  It's getting pretty nasty and I have a very strong feeling that you haven't heard the last of this study... more info about the FSA and possibly even some dirt about who the FSA also "supports" aka Big Agriculture and conventional commericial farms... And you thought this was all about food!

So until my next rant... keep eating HEALTHY, delicious organic foods! ~Vaughan

So remember when I was all like "I'm never eating again"? 

I made a big step today and I'm pretty excited to talk about it. I just placed an order for my very first Organic Earthbox and some Organic Seeds!

My family has replaced as much of our diet with organic food as possible but I've always wanted to try and grow my own veggies. If that seems like a lofty goal for a guy who's "daylight" is the glow off a computer monitor, you're right - and that's sorta the point...

I'll be updating step by step of my first earthbox experience. I have never grown a thing in my life so if I can do it, I'm pretty sure anyone can. Hopefully I'm able to spark something here and get a few others involved.

Do you grow your own veggies? I'd love to hear about your garden and hopefully learn a thing or two!

Eating pizza to be healthy... I know, can you belive it?!

A good friend to all of us here at Pizza Fusion has an excellent write-up on organics and healthy eating. I'm not going to mention that he plugs us repeatedly...

Wait ummmmm let's forget everything you've read thus far and just click the link ok?
Eat Pizza Be Healthy

by Patrick Corona

I know what your thinking…….not another one of those ridiculous articles promising me that I can eat whatever I want. And you’re right; it’s not another one of those articles. Look, we all know (or at least we should) that the foundation of eating healthy is a well balanced program, with variety of foods that are high in nutrition and low in calories.

{Read More @ www.getfitamerica.com}

The day I decided to never eat again, ever!

We try not to get too deep and political here. Organic food can be fun and doesn't always need to be the "Good" to the rest of the world's "Evil", but lately that seems less and less true.

With Food Inc. coming out recently it seems to have ignited the organic movement once again. Now everywhere I go people are talking about organic food and how they were sick in the theaters. It got me thinking about my "saw the light" moment with organics. You know the moment your brain stops thinking "this is good but expensive" to "MUST EAT ORGANIC". If you haven't had that moment yet by all means go see Food Inc. If you have I'd love to hear your stories in the comments.

Here's mine...

A while back I found myself with the rare combination of time and boredom. I decided that I'd use the opportunity to watch a documentary I've wanted to see. I scrolled through my collection and came across a French documentary titled The World According to Monsanto. Hmmm this seems interesting, if it's boring I'll just take a nap I thought.

Fast forward almost 2 hours later and my world was literally changed. I've heard all the stories about our food system and how bad it is and also read a few fearful articles about Monsanto's law suits and business practices. This was fine but we hear stories about big business taking over America all the time so color me surprised when I went downstairs to grab a snack and literally couldn't eat. I have never been so damn excited to see 2 slices of Pizza Fusion leftovers in my fridge.

For those that don't know my wife and I have a young daughter and another baby on the way. Eating organic isn't a luxury, at this point its a necessity. There are too many companies in this country with no oversight, willing to destroy our environment and our population for a higher profit margin. Who exactly is watching after our food supply when companies can saturate our government with lobbyist and appoint their own former employees as inspectors, law makers, and politicians?

Do yourself a favor and find a way to eat organic as often as possible. These days it's easy to find organic dairy, eggs, and veggies. Sprinkle in some organic meat when you can find it (or at the very least hormone free, antibiotic free) and you'll be eating better, feeling better and you'll know EXACTLY what's in your food.

Here are a few great places to start looking for organic food near you. 

Local Harvest

Slow Food

Whole Foods


Pizza Fusion (shameless plug)

Let's get some discussion going in the comments... I want to hear about your "saw the light" moments too!

The ESPN ESPYS Go Green with Pizza Fusion

Hey Everyone!  I hope you are all having an awesome weekend, enjoying the outdoors and hopefully kicking a ball, sailing a boat or simply kicking your shoes off in the park.

I made it to Los Angeles safely, and like a good boy, offset my travel with my friends at 3 Degrees.  I am here with a few other team members from Pizza Fusion as a sponsor of this year's ESPYs put on by ESPN.  It is basically the Oscars of sports.  This year's event is hosted by Samuel L. Jackson who will be joined by an all-star lineup of top athletes and entertainers to celebrate the best sports stories of the year. Representing his fourth ESPY hosting experience, Jackson will lead fans through the year’s best plays, biggest upsets and most outstanding performances.  Pizza Fusion will be serving up our signature organic delights in the "Style Villa" for all of the nominees, presenters and celebrities over the next 3 days.  We are honored to be a part of this HUGE event and think it says a lot on ESPN's part for having organic food served. Sports has been doing it's best to "go green" and this certainly makes a stament.

We were struggling with how we could leverage such world class talent and align this event to promote Pizza Fusion's philanthropic side.  We didn't know if should have a football helmet, basketball or other sports gear signed by the athletes to later be donated/auctioned off for charity.  Thaks to one of our Facebook fans, we decided to bring a globe... since our motto is "Saving The Earth One Pizza at a Time" it was a perfect fit.  Plus, these athletes represent so many sports from all over the planet, it was a perfect fit!  We will be choosing two charities after the event, one of which will be Autism Speaks and the other will be an environmental choice.

If there is one thing that I'm sure of, it's the fact that sports, as a whole, is a pretty wasteful industry.  I will admit that there have been huge strides made by many teams and organizations but a lot of work still has to be done.  As with everything else in our world, this kind of change doesn't happen overnight.  It is definitely not a destination, but rather a journey that starts with a few simple steps.  I remember seeing the first signs of this during an ALCS game at Fenway Park.  In between innings, members of the "Green Team" would come through the stands to collect plastic bottles and other recyclables. I also found some organic food at Fenway which was a shocker!  I use the Red Sox as an example, and I may be a bit biased, but they seem to be one of the teams that are genuinely attempting to make a difference.  There are many teams that are talking the talk, but need to start running the walk!

Another great organization I recently found out about (thanks Victoria of www.shizenecoclean.com), is the Global Sports Aliance founded by Biospherian, author and all around environmental champion, Jane Poynter.  The organization takes the concept of "fair play" to whole new level that they coined as "ecoplay". As an athlete or sports fan, you already know that at the core of sportsmanship is the notion of fair play. They aim to expand the definition of sportsmanship to include fair play in the environment – ecoplay. It means to enrich nature, save energy, reduce material consumption and all other aspects of rebuilding a healthy world.

More to come from L.A. and the ESPN ESPY's!