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Menu Plan Monday!

The best part about eating at home? You can control exactly what goes into your food! Have a food allergy? Something ripe and ready to harvest in your garden? Craving something new and exciting? You can alter a recipe to suit your tastes, budget, and environmental concerns.

This week's Menu Plan Monday is themed around Cinco de Mayo.  In addition to Latin inspired flavors and ingredients, we’ll be using more meats than usual, in honor of the vaqueros of the American West, who brought Spain’s great horseriding traditions with them to North America in the days when Texas was still part of Mexico.

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The Design Lounge: Spring Has Sprung!

I have always been a huge fan of Spring. Growing up in the midwest, the winters were fierce and the summers inferno-esque. In spite of (or perhaps somewhat because of?) the totally unpredictable weather, the tornadoes, and the torrential downpours, I would have to say that there is no season that tickles my fancy more than Spring. Babies and puppies come out of hibernation, trees bloom deliciously large blossoms, lovers picnic in the park. People are happy and ready to make a fresh start, before the oppressive heat sinks in around early June and stays through the end of September.

Now, living in Florida, the "seasons" fall into two categories: Hot and Dry, and Hotter and Rainy. Spring here is more of a mindset that I have to force upon myself, rather than an actual event. Here, spring-ish weather happens during the months that the rest of the country calls "winter." So, come March and April, I have to role play my actual Spring by wearing flowy dresses, picking flowers, drawing in the park, and doing some deep cleaning at home.

Spring is the perfect time to revamp your home and do a little Spring Cleaning. Today, I bring you a few of my favorite ideas I've seen this season for making your home a little bit Springier after all those cold, dark days of Winter (or hot, dry days of Winter if you live in Florida like me).

1.) Grow a Garden

Growing your own garden is the new black. Everyone is doing it and this seems to be the Year of the Green Thumb. You don't have to own an acre of land to grow a proper garden, either.  A couple of pots, a sunny porch or windowsill, and you are good to go. Below are some links to some articles that will be much more informative on this issue than I.


Can't go wrong with About.com's advice on the matter.

Learn how to make a one-pot herb garden for inside or outside here.

For the semi-handy, learn how to build a raised bed here.

2.) Reuse some bottles

What an awesome way to reuse old bottles - add a pour spout and voila! You can store olive oil, vinegar, and any other liquid your heart desires, in these uber-retro pop bottles.

Check out the deets here.

3.) Tshirts Galore!

Looking to update your wardrobe for the season? Got an old tshirt that you want to spice up a bit? Make some DIY tshirts with any design you like! (As a designer, I HEART the use of big fonts.)

4.) Add some color to your room

Holy moly. I am not condoning stealing here, but technically paint swatches are FREE.

Hopefully these suggestions will add a little spring to your step and a little light into your life. Remember, good design does not have to be bad for the earth or for your pocketbook!

Gluten Free, Not Gluten Freaky: Got it? Get it? Good.

 So here you sit, with something funky called gluten intolerance.  You know it's serious because you feel like you've been run over by a train most days... and because your doc just told you, "Look, get off the gluten or die," in so many words. You certainly understand the need to stay away from the Scary Four: Wheat, (non-gf) Oats, Rye, Barley - but how do you communicate that need effectively to your family and friends?

Some of them look at you like you've got a highly contagious virus that you're just waiting to pass on. Some of them snort and laugh it off with an asinine comment or 10 about you and your freaky diet fads. Some of them pat you on the back and make mac and cheese, 'because it's made with white flour, not wheat.' And some just stare in horror - after all, everyone knows that they always bring the peach pie to the picnic. And they have to bring the peach pie! And the peach pie is your favorite. You always eat peach pie!  YOU DON'T LOVE MY PEACH PIE!???! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME???


If you're wondering why people seem to freak out about this new disease you've got, and you're wondering how to help them help you, you've come to the right place.

hugsThe truth is, your loved ones are grieving the loss of their former lives just as much as you did when you were first diagnosed. In fact, you might still be grieving yourself.  Never being able to eat gluten again may not seem as big a deal as losing a pet or a loved one... but in reality, it is.  Our culture intertwines food and love so tightly into tradition and memory that the thought of changing is horrifying.


The Curious Vegan: Cut it Out! Seriously...

Forty years of preaching the gospel of vegan for health, wealth, and happiness is finally making a mark on Americans. Or starting too, anyway.
Almost a third of Americans have reduced the meat they eat
By Sarah E White

Cultivate Research, a market research company that works with the vegetarian food industry, has released the results of a survey on American meat consumption that shows at least some of us are cutting back on animal products.

They found that while just 1 percent of Americans surveyed said they never ate meat, 13 percent said they ate meat less than half the time. Twenty-five percent said they had meat at half of their meals, while 47 ate it at most meals and 14 percent at every meal.

But they also found that 26 percent of Americans can be defined as meat reducers, people who are now eating less meat than they used to. About 62 percent of the population has had stable meat consumption, while 9 percent has increased consumption over the past year. [READ MORE]

The Design Lounge

Hello Planet Earth! Katy here, Pizza Fusion's resident creative maiden // design guru // color enthusiast extraordinaire. I am staking my turf here in the P-fuzz blogosphere by bringing to you The Design Lounge, your source for all things green and design-y. I spend most of my days scouring the internet for interesting new trends in green design. While I personally tend towards the 2-dimensional, I will be featuring all types of design including architecture, industrial, graphic, art - anything and everything that is remotely creative and eco-friendly that I find personally enjoyable. So sit back, relax and enjoy the organic hookah here in The Design Lounge!

I thought I would make my first post here short and sweet, but leave you with some of my favorite things to have spawned from the  eco-design world. Hopefully this will whet your appetite for future posts. Stay tuned!

Organic Bedding Organic Bedding

Studio 804 Studio 804

Tree Prints from Bryan Nash Gill Tree Prints from Bryan Nash Gill

Sprial Jetty by Robert Smithson Sprial Jetty by Robert Smithson

Gi and Pindo Jewelry Gi and Pindo Jewelry