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Out of the Box Eating

HI!!! I'm Naomi, and I'll be contributing here on the blog - I'm passionate about lots of things - my kids, saving my planet, and food! I also happen to be the resident expert on all things gluten free, which is very helpful in my day job as CEO at Better Batter | Gluten Free Flour.

You'll see Me post pretty regularly on some of my favorite and most cherished topics. You'll know what I'm writing about when I use the following Title Headers:

Gluten Free, not Gluten Freaky: Anything and everything you want and need to know about the gluten free lifestyle.

Eaten Alive: All about raw food. Ponderings, Tips, and Recipes

The Curious Vegan: All kinds of thoughts, hints, and recipes for those looking to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal based products, especially tailored to those with flexitarian tastes or loved ones.

I'm sure looking forward to sharing with and hearing from you!

Our Founder Gets "Raw"

Hey Everyone!

I'm excited to add my first post on our new, and very much improved blog.  For those of you that don't know me, my name is Vaughan and I am the co-founder of this mothership we call Pizza Fusion.  I will be dropping by here on a more regular basis and appreciate you taking the time to read about our company which we're very proud of.

About 3 months ago I started training for my next marathon with several other friends and Pizza Fusion co-workers. We are proudly training while raising money and awareness for Autism Speaks, an amazing charity(more on them shortly).  We call ourselves the "Fusion Extreme Team" and work with coaches to get us prepared for the 26.2 miles that lie ahead on June 26th in Seattle.  To make a long story longer (you'll soon realize I have a problem making them shorter), I have decided to kick up my overall training regime up to a whole new level. You know... get serious and stuff.  My girlfriend and I have decided to do a 100% raw foods cleanse for 14 days while we transition into a new training program with both the running team and endurance coach.

I will use this stage to discuss the many challenges one may face while training for a marathon, as well as how difficult it can be to live a "raw" lifestyle.  I'm only into Day 2 and I can feel my body craving all of my vices like coffee and an occasional steak.  Yes, I am a conscious carnivore.  I will be sure to post the "before" pics very soon and hope I won't get too many comments on them.  I appreciate you following my progress and hope you enjoy what you read!

One woud think that just being healthy is the reason why we chose to do this.  The REAL reason is because there are children and adults that need our help in a fight to find a cure for Autism.  As I mentioned, we have set a lofty goal of $60,000 to raise for this amazing charity.  I know that this is a strange economic climate, but there is always something that we can each do to make a difference.  Please show your support by making a small donation to this great cause: http://www.active.com/donate/teamfusion_seattle09

I will be posting all of the "major" news on this blog but you can follow my daily Tweets(aka whines) on Twitter.  Click here to follow me on Twitter.


Just Another Earth Week Post. ORLY? YARLY!!!

Earth Day is a funny thing. Companies who wouldn't normally think twice about about the amount of damage they do on a daily basis suddenly put on their greenest smiles, give a little token discount for doing what you should be doing anyways and party like it's 1999. (Styrofoam and all)

And that my dear friends is why we're doing EARTH "WEEK"! (7x the awesome with none of the selling out!) Whenever we throw a week-long party we always ask the "friends" to bring something and this time they brought the treats in spades. (Not like the Christmas fruitcake of 08)

We'll have drawings for some Jamis bikes, a "Green Home Makeover", an all-expense paid trip to an organic vineyard and much more.  All in-store guests will also get the chance to enter Honest Tea’s Sierra Club Outings Outdoor Adventure Giveaway

Honest Tea will be providing a years worth of tea for you and a week's worth of tea for me! Right? Right. Did I mention that we'll be handing out some tasty organic love as well!

You can read all the details here. If your Pizza Fusion is participating show em love! K? Good.


FUNKSION: Miami Fashion Week Re-Cap

Who would have thought models and pizza would make such beautiful music together???  Well, so did we!

This past week we were busy lil bees supplying our organic goodies to a fashionably hip (and apparently starved of great pizza) crowd for this years "FUNKSHION: Miami Fashion Week".  The 5 day event is a wonderful mash-up of Green Fashion, Music and the who's-who of both!  It took place under the sunny skies of South Beach Miami in a tent erected on the sand just off of Ocean Drive!

Pizza Fusion was the official food sponsor of the event and we were onsite for all 5 days serving the beautiful people delicious 100% organic pizza, salads, wraps and fruit.  What really attracted us to get involved was that this year's event kicked off with an eco-friendly fashion show that was actually a fashion show within the event itself. This year was the first year of "Green Fashion Miami" and featured designers who showcased their collections of recycled, eco-friendly, funkshional runway designs with the hot, eclectic styles of Latin infused trends.  They even went as far as having the models use only organic styling products and makeup.

The annual Winter Music Conference was also in full-swing and added to the star-studded cast of "celebrities" that were in attendance.  Receiving tons of media attention for his number one hit single “Whatever You Like”, T.I. www.trapmuzik.com gave everyone a glimpse of his glamorous new line under the big tents.  (Also known for “Swagger Like Us” which exhibits the cool sounds of T.I. and M.I.A. as well his collaboration with Rihanna on “Live Your Life” which just received the Vodaphone Australian Awards, T.I. is proving that there is more than meets the eye.) Other Highlights of this year's FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach included the launch of Little Louie Vega's new line; Krelwear, presented by Gen-Art and a mixed fashion collection runway show of designers from around the world presented by Curve.

It was a great event and we were honored to be a part of it.  Serving delicious organic food to the masses is why we do what we do!

Killing me softly with french fries?

So another day and another story about how McDonald's has been slowly killing us for years. I know none of the organic loving foodies that read this site would dare admit to eating some Mcd's but deep down inside we all know their fries are covered with awesomesauce. (seriously...) Who knew awesomesauce = pesticides! Wait what? Yeah that's exactly right, McDonald's fries much like everything else around us these days are covered in chemicals. Lucky for us (I mean people who eat that stuff cause we all know we don't right? right...) a few of their investor groups aren't having it anymore, engaging the fast food giant to perform an internal study on their pesticide practices. I'm not sure what's more concerning, that their fries have a pesticide problem or that they don't even know how bad the problem actually is.
McDonald's to take steps to cut potato pesticides
By Lisa Baertlein

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - McDonald's Corp, the largest purchaser of potatoes in the United States, has agreed to take preliminary steps to reduce pesticide use in its domestic potato supply, shareholder groups said on Tuesday.

Following the agreement, the Bard College Endowment, Newground Social Investment and the AFL-CIO Reserve Fund withdrew a shareholder proposal that, if approved, would have required the company to publish a report on options for cutting pesticide use in its supply chain.

The investors said McDonald's has agreed to survey its U.S. potato suppliers, compile a list of best practices in pesticide use reduction and recommend those best practices to global suppliers. It also will share its findings with investors and include the findings in its annual corporate social responsibility report. [READ MORE]