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Privacy Statement

At Pizza Fusion, we are committed to protecting your privacy. By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of this information by Pizza Fusion. We have physical, electronic and procedural security safeguards to protect and secure the information we collect. Our website uses SSL encryption for your personal credit card information including your credit card number before it travels over the internet. If we decide to change our privacy policy we will post those changes on this page. Pizza Fusion does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.

 Social Media Statement

Personal web sites and blogs, video blogs and social media accounts have become prevalent methods of self-expression in our culture. BRAND respects the right of its EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS to use these mediums during their personal time. This policy applies to all EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS who make web postings that affect BRAND, any Employees, Fans, Allies, Future Employees, competitors and the general public, both during and post-employment. Any Employee or Partner Employee who makes anonymous web postings is also responsible for complying with this policy.

Web postings include personal web sites, blogs, video blogs (“blogs”), multi-media and social networking websites including, but not limited to, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, Google Plus, Flickr, Instagram and Wikis such as Wikipedia and any other sites or medium where text, videos, photographs, links and other information or documentation can be posted.

Pursuant to this policy:

  1. All EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS are personally responsible for their web postings and solely liable for web postings that are defamatory, invade privacy, are harassing, retaliatory and/or violate any other local, state or federal laws.
  2. Web postings by any Employee or Partner Employee shall not violate any of the policies set forth in the Employee Handbook and/or any other BRAND rules.
  3. EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS who make web postings that in any way relate to BRAND must include a disclaimer to readers/viewers stating that the views expressed are the Employee or Partner Employee’s alone and that such views do not necessarily reflect the views of BRAND.
  4. EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS are prohibited from making any purely personal web postings (by way of example only, Facebook postings to friends about personal matters) during work time or on BRAND business.
  5. EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS shall not cite, reference or post pictures of BRAND’s restaurants, Fans, Future Employees, Allies, competitors or the general public in any BRAND restaurants without the express, written approval from the Marketing Department in charge at the corporate office.
  6. If a member of the news media contacts a Employee or Partner Employee, in general, or regarding his or her postings concerning or in any way relating to BRAND, our current or potential products, employees, partners, customers, and competitors,
  7. BRAND SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY-PAGE 1 the Employee must refer the media to the Marketing Department in charge at the corporate office.
  8. EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS are expected to uphold BRAND’s values and business reputation and refrain from making defamatory statements or disclosing any personal or private information about BRAND employees, former employees, Fans, Allies, competitors or any member of the general public.
  9. EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS shall not allow web postings to interfere with their job duties.
  10. EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS may not disclose, in any format, any information that is confidential, sensitive, privileged or proprietary to BRAND. This includes information about trademarks, upcoming product releases, sales, finances, number of products sold, and number of employees, company strategy, and any other information that has not been publicly released by the company. These are given as examples only and do not cover the range of what BRAND considers confidential and proprietary. If you have any question about whether information has been released publicly or doubts of any kind, speak to the Marketing Department in charge at the corporate office before releasing information that could potentially harm the company, or our current and potential products, employees, partners, and customers.

The above policy should not be interpreted to restrict or interfere with any Employee or Partner Employee’s federal or state labor law rights, free speech, or any whistleblower protections under federal or state law. For any questions about this policy or any matter related to web postings, contact the Human Resources in charge at the corporate office.
I acknowledge that I have received, read and understood BRAND’s Social Medial Policy and agree to abide by its terms both during and post-employment. I understand that a violation of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination, and that any post-employment postings by me that violate this policy could result in litigation against me.