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Everything! From our concern for the environment to our concern for your health, Pizza Fusion is not your typical restaurant or business. Michael Gordon and Vaughan Lazar, co-founders of Pizza Fusion, stepped outside the boundaries of the traditional business model to create an organization built around integrity.

For every decision there is a right way and a wrong way to approach things. Pizza Fusion operates on the belief that social-responsibility is just as important as profitability. Where some businesses cut corners for their own benefit, Pizza Fusion goes the extra mile to do the best thing for everyone – the customer, the environment, the employee and the business owner.

For instance, instead of using conventional ingredients that are cheaper to purchase and unhealthy for the customer, we pay a little more to use quality organic ingredients that are both healthier and tastier. Another example is our gluten-free offerings, including pizza, brownies and beer, that enable our friends with celiac disease to indulge at Pizza Fusion.

Furthermore, our detailed approach to sustainable business has made us a unique restaurant concept. We didn’t go the eco-friendly route to hop on the ‘green’ bandwagon. We chose to because it was the right thing to do. We find it sad that this approach separates us from other businesses. We believe that if every organization operated at the level of integrity that we strive for, the world would be a better place.

Below, you will find detailed information on the quality of our food, our approach to ecologically sustainable business and other information you may find interesting about us:


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